Logs Overview

All logs associated with your Terminal account are accessible with TerminalCLI and from within the Terminal platform itself. To view project logs pertaining to your account, login to the Terminal platform and navigate to https://terminal.co/log-viewer.

In this section of the docs, we will walk through the Terminal Logs interface so that you can feel in control when searching for logs and debugging.

Terminal Logs View

When you first create an account and head over to the logs section of the Terminal platform, you will be greeted with a blank slate as seen below. Each time you take an action on Terminal, whether it be creating a new draft resource or calling a Terminal generated endpoint, logs will automatically be caught and funneled into this section of your account.

After generating a few Terminal resources, the logs view will reflect the changes and look something along the lines of the following:

The above changes are applied for any action taken on the Terminal platform or TerminalCLI. In addition to any directly Terminal related action being logged, you can log actions directly from your applications and development environments using TerminalSDK. The TerminalSDK will filter logs from any selected network provider or web3 wallet straight to your Terminal account.

As an alternative to the Terminal platform logs view, your account logs are also attainable via TerminalCLI. For a guide on getting started with TerminalCLI, click here.