Locating the Project ID

In order to segment your logs on a per application basis, it's best to create multiple projects for each of your concerns. A good heuristic when using Terminal is one project - one dapp.

When integrating the Terminal sdk, one of the required fields is the projectId. The projectId is a unique identifier associated with a Terminal project.

Finding the Project ID

First, log into your Terminal account. Find the projects dropdown located within the navbar (pictured below).

Open the projects dropdown, then select the project you want to send logs to.

Next, locate the settings option on the sidebar in the bottom left corner of the page. Hover over the settings option and select "Project Settings" from the menu.

On the project settings page, inside of the "Project Info" section, you will see a series of input fields, one of which is named "Project ID". Click the copy to clipboard icon to grab the project ID.