Using Teams

Team Terminals allow you to build on Terminal in a collaborative manner. Invite your teammates, start community driven initiatives, or bootstrap that project you've had in the back of your mind and let interested users discover it organically on HexHub!

Create a Team Terminal

Step 1

To create a new team Terminal, click the project selector in the top bar.

This will open up a modal shown below where you can select 'create project'.

Step 2

Fill out the form that appears in the modal seen below. Provide your team with a name, and optionally provide a description, website URL, and image.

Create Team Modal

Step 3: Inviting Members to Your Team

After you have created a team, select the team in the project selector and choose your desired project:

Once you are in the desired project and team drive, navigate to the Team settings page in the bottom left.

From the settings page you can invite any Terminal user with their email address or username.