Setting up Your Projects Display

Before turning your project public you may want to preview what it will look like with the name, description, and custom labels for better discovery within the Hex Hub.

Step 1

Navigate to the Project you plan to turn public.

Step 2

Go to the settings of this project you’d like to share publicly.

Step 3

In the first section, Info, click the Edit button in the top right of the box to start editing.

Step 4

Watch your changes reflecting how your new project card will look while you edit the name, description, and tags.

Step 5

Once you get to the tags, you’ll notice that this is the same custom tag process as the adding tags to any object within your terminal.

  • To add custom labels, click on the blue “+” button next to the assigned labels in the header overview tile.

    • Search for already created labels and select them to add them.

    • Type in your own custom labels and click on the result to add as a label.

    • Click on already selected labels to remove them.

  • The custom labels have numbers next to them, these numbers represent the number of objects that are public with the same label.

  • Add and remove as many labels as you’d like, if you add a lot they might not all show on the object card when displayed.

Additional Information

Your project name and added tags will affect the search results that your project will show up from.