Search and Filter Hex Hub

Hex Hub is by default sorted by the most copied projects and objects across the platform.

Step 1

Navigate to Hex Hub.

Step 2

Type into search the Hex Hub by name, tags, addresses of the project or objects and related objects of those results will also show.

Step 3

Filter hex hub by clicking on the different filter options.

  • Filter by objects: Choose all or one by one each object type you'd like to see filtered in your search results.

  • Filter by Labels: Choose labels to sort by.

    • There are default labels that projects and objects will have plus there are an unlimited amount of custom labels to filter by.

    • The custom labels have numbers next to them, these numbers represent the number of objects that are public with the same label.

Step 4

Change the text of your search and add/remove fitlers as you wish to get the optimized serach results in Hex Hub you’re looking for. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for here’s how to add them to your Terminal.