At the top center of your Terminal platform will always be the search bar. Searching is done by typing in the name, tag, or address of the object you're looking for.


The search is broken out into 3 possible sections given your search returns results across all 3:

  • Your Terminal

  • Team Terminals

  • Hex Hub

Additional Information

  • Each section shows you the total results of those objects in each section and the top 3 results of that section.

    • Click view all on the section to expand the search results and you can click on the back button in the search box to navigate back to the platform wide search results.

  • Each result of the search has the Object type icon, its name, its address (only if a contract or wallet) and location within the project.

  • If you search by an address, the hex hub section will show you the same address across all the networks we support and clearly show the network its on.