Add Projects and Objects to Hex Hub

Adding objects to Hex Hub is done by first having the object created and organized in your’s or your team’s Terminal. Then to share the object you’d like to publicly you make the project it is in public and all the objects within your project will then be discoverable in Hex Hub. Users browsing Hex Hub can also click into your project and browse within it. Once you have your objects organized in a project and ready to turn them public.

Step 1

Navigate to the project including the objects you’d like to share to Hex Hub.

Step 2

Go to the settings of this project you’d like to share publicly.

Step 3

Scroll down to the Public Project section and notice that your project is currently marked Private and explains:

  • Turn this project public to make it visible to everyone. Your project will be discoverable in the Hex Hub and anyone can view and/or copy your project and the objects in it. Public viewers will not be able to add, remove, or edit your project.

  • Before turning your project public you may want to set up how you’d like your project to be displayed.

Step 4

Click on the Go Public button and confirm your intention by entering your account password.

Step 5

Now your project and all its objects are Public and discoverable by developers on the platform in Hex Hub.