Add Projects and Objects from Hex Hub

Once you are in Hex Hub and browsing the available objects or infrastructure for you to utilize it is very easy to add an entire project or a single object to your own account or project. Notice all the Projects and Objects shown in Hex Hub and here’s how to copy them over to your Terminal:

Step 1

Once you see a project or object you’d like to add to your terminal, simply click on the “+” icon at the bottom left of the project or object card.

Step 2

A pop up with the location of where to copy this object will come up, the location it will be going is at the top of the modal.

Step 3

You can navigate through your personal, team terminals and the folders within them to find the right location to place the object you are copying.

If it's a project that you are copying you will be limited to placing it at the account level.

Step 4

After choosing the location you can navigate over to your terminal that you copied it too and start using it.

  • For APIs, Webhooks, Custom DBs: Immediately generate your own URL to the same object and/or edit the script or selected settings of the object to customize it how you need.

  • Onchain objects (Smart Contracts & Wallets) and Networks (not including Ganache networks) in Hex Hub are locked from customizing.

    • You will not be able to change the name or description of these objects.

    • If you are the deployer or owner of the address you will be able to set these details of the locked and public address.