Build Configurations

Common Configurations

  • JavaScript Single Page Applications (SPA's)
    • Javascript SPA’s generally have a build script defined in the package.json file. Simply set the build command to

npm run [BUILD_SCRIPT] or yarn [BUILD_SCRIPT] depending on your preferred dependency manager. * You will also have to define the publish directory, which is generally dist but can sometimes vary.

  • MonoRepos

If your codebase works as a monorepo, you can set up your deploy to point at a specific base directory in your code base. When you configure the base directory Terminal will use the base directory as the primary or root directory and build your site from there.

  • Gatsby

Similar to the configuration for Javascript SPA's, set the build command to gastby build and the publish directory to public

You will also need to have the gatsby-plugin-ipfs installed and configured in your gatsby-config file.

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